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US authorities will send more Cambodians who commit more than 30 US offenses to Cambodia on January 22 Coming August. Both civil society organizations and Cambodian councils know that the forced eviction of Cambodians who live in Cambodia is difficult to live by. They are separated from their families and some are hard to adapt to in a new society and culture. However, the deportation of Cambodian citizens who violate US law to Cambodia is part of the agreement between the two countries Signed in 2002.

The executive director of the unprofessional Cambodian Civic Organization (Sonec Tan) has told Asia Free that US authorities will send 30 Cambodians from Cambodia. United States in late August. However, he said that his organization had yet to receive a list of US authorities so far. Tan said that so far, there were 639 Cambodians sent back to Cambodia, including 623 men 16 people and 16 women.

He added that the challenge is that some Cambodians return to Cambodia and lack the support of American families. And in Cambodia, when you are sending back more and more. These Cambodians lack the knowledge of Khmer culture and Khmer, making it difficult for them to integrate themselves into Khmer society. Mr. Tan also said that about 20 percent of Cambodians who were repatriated had difficulty adapting. Into a society that is not considered their country. So far, the number of Cambodians sent back to Cambodia has risen to 29, with two of them being killed. Commit suicide.