The Khmer Vulnerability Aid Organization (formerly Returnee Integration Support Center) is a non-governmental humanitarian organization easing the integration process into society of people who were admitted to the United States as refugees and are being deported to Cambodia.



KVAO envisions a Cambodia where all Cambodian deportees are successfully integrated and are stable, productive and independent members of society.


To assist Cambodian citizens being deported back to Cambodia with integration into Cambodian society to reduce violations of human rights, vulnerability to conflict and to assist returnees with establishing stable, constructive and independent lives in Cambodia.


To facilitate the integration process of people who were admitted to the United States as refugees and are being deported to Cambodia by providing assistance with orientation, legal documentation, employment assistance, temporary housing, basic medical support, legal monitoring and follow up/field visit support in order to help those who seek assistance in becoming independent and productive members of society.


Initial Orientation: KVAO meets each client on arrival at the General Department of Identification (GDID). During the initial meeting, or as soon thereafter as practicable, KVAO personnel will complete an intake form based on a personal, confidential interview with each client.

Documentation Assistance: KVAO assists each client to acquire necessary documents for personal identification or employment such as; birth and marriage certificates, national identification card, residence & family book and other registration papers.

Employment Assistance: Clients are provided with informal counselling and orientation related to employment, creation and updating of resumes, skills and education grants based on available resources.

Temporary Housing Assistance: Clients who are sponsored by KVAO program and those who are going through critical circumstances in his/her transition will be provided with temporary housing and the necessities.

Basic Medical Support: KVAO has a humanitarian commitment to provide emergency medical assistance in cases of illness or injury or maintenance treatment for chronic conditions for clients who have been in country for three years period and those determined to have physical and mental health disability.

Legal Monitoring: KVAO assists clients in monitoring their legal proceedings and help them fully understand their proceedings. KVAO also conducts monthly prison visits in order to verify the wellbeing of the clients who are incarcerated.

Referral Assistance: KVAO makes appropriate referrals for counselling, employment, medical treatment, drug detoxification, etc.

Follow-Up Support: To verify the wellbeing and resettlement situation of clients, KVAO conducts regular follow-up with clients through calls, texts and Facebook chat.

Field Visit: To justify services to the whole target population, KVAO conducts Field Visit to mainly the western parts of the country six times per year.

Defusing and Mediating Conflict: To build peace in the community, KVAO assists clients with defusing and mediating conflict within the community as it arises.